Monday, 17 June 2013

Introduction to hacking


Many of us are wondering what is hacking , some say its legal others say its illegal as a newbie it confuse a lot so don't worry here's the introduction to hacking . In this am going to tell what is hacking is it legal or not ?  and how to perform hacking with step-by-step tutorials .

So lets start , hacking is of TWO types
1)  LEGAL     - also called as "White hackers , ethical hackers ,.etc

        #  using patch for software products, recovering your personal details if lost , recovering your social network username and passwords, etc

2) ILLEGAL  - also called as "Black hackers , crackers ,.etc "( Imprisoned if caught )

        # hacking sites , gaining information without user's knowledge , spreading virus , keyloggers , etc

In this Blog am gonna post both the above methods (i.e) legal and illegal..
These are only for educational purposes if these are used for any illegal activity or your system gets damaged after following the methods here both the ADMIN and the BLOG is not responsible for your activity ." Learn and try it in your OWN RISK ".

So now you are somewhat clear what the term Hacking is , so I will be posting new methods about hacking , How-to-do step and if you found any problem in performing these methods feel free to post your question in the comment box il reply as soon as possible ..

What are the things that we can gain from this blog ??

1) Step-by -step tutorial for hacking methods
2) Links to softwares related to the hacking methods
3) Additional links to Youtube for easy understanding
4) Any doubts and problems in performing the methods can be posted in comments
      and your questions will be answered as soon as possible
5) Enter your mail-id in Follow by Email to receive the latest hacking tutorials
6) New tutorials are posted every Sunday

Il be soon posting the hacking tutorials in this blog  why do you keep waiting enter your mail id to follow my blog and keep visiting for new tutorials ..


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