Thursday, 15 August 2013

How To Crack a Program Step By Step

Hello friends , in this tutorial we'l take the example of keygenme.exe on how to crack!
Google and download w32asm and hiew!!
extract it to desktop!!

1) then place KeygenMe.exe, HIEW32.exe from Hiew folder and put folder W32Dasm 8 on desktop and then click on keygenMe.exe and enter any value it will give error as "Try again" or "invalid key"

2) then click on W32DSM89.exe in folder W32Dasm 8 and from dissambler select option 'open file to disassembler' and select the KeygenMe exe file and it will disassemble the code.

3) After that click on search option and in that click on 'find text' and in find type your message say for in this instance "Try again" and click find next and it will find the exact string.

4) when u find the string message and press cursor up button and u will find the specific conditinional or unconditional referenced call address and find the address for this message and in this case the address is 0046723E©.

5) After that in desktop make another copy of KeygenMe.exe by copy paste and then move or drag KeyGenMe - Copy.exe to HIEW32.exe and finally it opens in blue screen HIEW hex editor.

6) when the blue screen HIEW hex editor opens and then click function key F4 and select decode.

7 ) Now press F5 and then ignore 0's of address 0046723E and write .46723E and press enter.

8) After that press F3 and in edit mode at 0666339 set values as 0066639 =90
006663A = 90
........... till upto 40 that is upto
006663f = 90

9) after that save it

10) update and select truncate no

11) finally press F9 and F10 and done

12) now close it and open the KeyGenMe - Copy.exe and enter any value and you get the message " you crack me " and with this you have cracked the keygen.exe file.


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