Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Bypass Fortiguard Filter in your school , college and in your office

Hii friends,
            Today il show you a method to Bypass Fortiguard Filter . Do you like Facebook, Myspace ,  orkut , hi5 , youtube or any other Social networking website if your answer is yes and it is blocked at your location then Lets get start with the basics.
     Fortiguard web filtering service is really hard to pass through. Mostly installed on networks in universities and Schools or work offices,just for content filtering and believe me it is very effective. Ofcourse you know that as you reached here.

Fortiguard web filter

Well am gonna give two methods which will surely work , I tried these methods in my college you know what it works

1. Tor Browser  :   It is a free software. It is open network which defends you against personal freedom and privacy. TOR helps you crack any filtering software.

Tor Browser 2.3.25     Download

2.  VPN :    VPN protects your entire Internet surfing session; securing your connection at both your home network & on Public Internet networks whether it is wired or wireless. It is very effective and you must give it a try.
 Il give you the VPN site which works on all part of the country 100% , the instruction for setting up the vpn is given in the site .

  Note: Click here to set VPN network


  1. all these trick not working sir plzzzzzzzz......thing new........these thing everyone know..........kuch new sir ....:(

  2. all trick not work tor,proxy,vpn everything tryed ku6 naya share karo



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