Tuesday, 30 July 2013

How To Set Password On Pen drive

Hey all, today we are going to tell you how to set password on your Pen Drive (USB drive) without using any 3rd party Software. Most of the people don’t like other people checking their personal files and folders on their USB drive, including me. At present there are lots of software present in the market which do so, but you have to pay for them. Now we will tell you how to make your Pen Drive password protected.

let's see how to set a password protect on your USB drive without using any software.
1.  Insert your pen drive
2. Click on Start
3. Click on "Search programs and files"
4. Now type Bitlocker Drive Encryption
5. Now launch the Application

6. Click on Turn On BitLocker
7. Now all you have to do is just Tick mark Use a Password to Unlock the drive.
8. Now type your required Password, confirm it. And click on Next .

Your Encryption will start and after it is completed your USB drive will be password protected 

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