Saturday, 26 October 2013

How To Find That A Facebook ID Is Fake Or Real ? Ultimate trick

Hey Guys , As you all know that millions of Facebook Ids are fake and this number is increasing day by day . Suppose you got a friend request of someone with a very sexy profile pic of a girl , and you acccept her request immediately and start chatting with her . But do you really believe that the indicated profile pic is original or its just fake ??
Here we present an ultimate trick to find that a Facebook ID is fake or real.
The trick is very simple . As most of you don't know that Google have launched its service of "Search By Image" . Our trick depends on this only.

Follow theses steps -

1. Suppose a Facebook ID is XYZ . Save his/her profile pic on your desktop .

2. Now Open Google Image On Your Browser By Clicking HERE .

3. Now Drag The Photo Of Your Victim And Leave It On The Search Tab .

 4. Let It Upload .

5. Now You Will See The Search Result. If The Image Is Available in The Search Result In Some Other Website Or Some Other Facebook ID Then Its A Fake ID.


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