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How to reset windows login password

Have you forgotten your windows login password? This is the common problem which may arrive to every user at some point of time. So, formatting your PC is one solution to your problem. But it may let you loose some of your important data, and overall its time consuming. I have a better solution than this.You can reset windows login password, or you can even reveal it, choice is yours. So today i am gonna teach you, how to reset windows login password. I will be showing tutorial using Ophcrack software. Let’s begin.
Note: This trick works for almost all windows versions.

                               How to reset windows login password

Ophcrack is a OS which can be used to crack passwords. It comes with a GUI which makes it more simple to use. It uses rainbow table attack for brute forcing.

How to reset windows Login Password??



  1.  First you have to download ophcrack live cd.
    Download it from here
  2. Go to the above site and choose the OS (xp, vista, win 7) and download the software.
  3. Downloaded software will be in .iso form. Burn it to a disc using PowerIso
  4. Now you have to boot the OS. For that insert the disc. Restart your PC and boot from disc.(Change boot priority using F12 or F8 and set it to boot from dvd/cd).
  5. After booting it will ask for manual, automatic etc.. Click on automatic.
  6. Then it will automatically start brute forcing. It will show users and in front of it the password resp. It may take some time to crack the password.
  7. For complicated passwords you can download free rainbow tables as per your OS from this LINK.
This was the method for resetting password through ophcrack. There are many software’s as well as live cd’s which you can use for resetting password.

Given below is the list of some software’s and live CD’s.

  • Active password changer
    It can be used to reset administrators password on WIndows Xp/Vista/2008/2003/2000 and windows 7 if forgotten or lost.
  • Cain and Abel
    It is a password recovery tool for Windows operating system. It uses attacks like brute forcing, sniffing the network, cryptanalysis etc.
  • Offline Password cracker
    Offline Password Cracker is an amazing password recovery tool but instead of actually recovering your Windows password like OPH Crack and similar tools do, it deletes it. Without a password, you’re allowed unrestricted access to your Windows operating system.
  • Hiren’s Multi-boot disc
    This is similar to ophcrack. It’s one of the most used Boot CD’s. It comes with many tools which can be used in different situations.It also comes with antivirus with latest update definition. It can be used to make backups and test your memory and other hardware’s.
  • Kon-Boot
    This is my favorite. If you boot with Kon-Boot, it will by pass the login and you can enter your PC without entering any password. Kon-boot doesnt works for Windows 7 and 64 bit operating system. It works on Linux also.
So these were the software’s and live CD’s which can be used to recover or reset your forgotten login password.


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