Sunday, 27 October 2013

How to setup njrat 0.6.4 step by step 2014

Few year ago keylogger is most famous tool for hack account password and in keylogger many types available for send keylogger to victim like a remote keylogger but this all hard and limited to screenshot and keywords only
Change in technology demand to hack victim easy in 1 click

Today we learn here how to hack full computer using software / tool in few easy steps


Njrat 0.6.4

Download Bf3 Keys Generator

Features :-

  • Process Injections
  • Hooks
  • USB Spreader feature 
  • Little Stub Size 100kb <
  • Easy To Crypt the files 
  • Stubsrc.rar is the source code of the stub if you're a decent applied scientist you'll be able to add practicality

Note:Don't delete file (stub.exe) and additionally do not execute it it is necessary to make a replacement bin .

How to Setup :-

  • Make no ip account here :- Click here
  • Now login no ip account and go in Host/redirects > Add host > 
  • Choose name of your no ip url Example :-


  • Add Host and Download no ip client
  • Install no ip client and run client
  • Click on edit and put your no ip login details and Click Ok


  • Now click edit host And tick/select url you created in account and click Save


  • Now you almost done no-ip setting here


Lets start rat setting

  • Run njrat.exe and click Builder


  • Put details same as photo
  • Just change host url with your url and Build own rat virus file


You are done anything now

Send your server.exe file to friend or victim and when victim run your virus he/she automatically connected to your rat server

Note:- This tutorial only for learning purpose please do not damage any person, We are not responsible for any damage or action 


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