Saturday, 26 October 2013

How to make money by adfly , adfoc daily $10 from your desktop easily

Now online many website available they paid you for some work

Adfly is also same as other but the difference is they paid for par visit on link

They paid different rate by different country pr visit

If u have your own website or blog with daily minimum 500+ visitor than you get paid easily

Many people try and but they not get enough amount to get paid in adfly or any other website

You need to make 5$ for minimum payout in adfly

But when i am thinking from my hacker mind how to earn without any website i am make 1 trick with 1 tool

This tool is for website traffic tool but this tool work good for adfly adfoc also

Lets start the trick tutorial

1) Before start you need to download tools

Note:- Dont Use Proxy From Any Other Website


2) Run the Proxy Goblin crack exe

3) Gather proxy than click Filter proxies 

4) Extreact the all active proxy in txt file

5) Now run Tviewer

6) Add proxy in tviewer by clicking the + 

7) Make setting like this photo screenshot 

Note :- Change Referrals setting by clicking browser and edit txt file of ref and add website link where you from traffic come

8) Now start the Tviewer

9) At a time automatically 5 browser windows open with different proxy

10) Just click Skip AD and you get paid easily :)

Happy earning!


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