Saturday, 26 October 2013

How To Make Phishing Page Of Any Website Using Tool

Hey guys here is Hack Anything!

Today we are discus about how to make phishing page easily

Phishing is use for hack login details of victim which you want to hack &
it is one type of fake page

Here is one tool who make your phishing page in 1 click
No need knowledge of html ,php or any other knowledge of developing.

Let i will tell you how to create fake web pages and steal your friends username and password

Now start our tutorial


1). First of all download Super Phisher here :-


2). Extract it and open super phisher
    it will look like top photo

3).In the field "URL of the login page" type the url of the login page      of website of which u want to create fake web page

     Example For yahoo :- , for gmail: 

4)." name of log file " is file where your enemy details would be    saved .you can give any name.txt

5). .php file is the main file here is the source of phisher
     name .php

6). In the last field u have to type the url where u want to redirect the enemy after login ,it can be anything

7). Click on build phisher .

8). This creates two output files in output folder included

9). Create your free hosting account on any of these sites
10). Upload those two files on your free hosting account. (Note:-zip this folder and upload for better result)
11).Send the link of your phisher(.php) to your enemy

12). When he will login on this page a .txt file will be created on your free hosting account containing his login details

13). Check hosting folder for login details

You are done :)

Enjoy Hacking


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