Tuesday, 1 October 2013

How to Hide a Particular or Specific Drive by Using Command Prompt?

In this post I will show you that how to hide a Particular or specified drive by using Command Prompt. Now hide any Hard Drive partition without any software. Just follow the simple steps below to hide your particular or specified drive.

This is the best security tip to be employed against unauthorized users.
1. Go to Start >> Run >> type "diskpart" (without quotes). A DOS  window will

    appear like this one.

2. Then type "list volume" (without quotes). The result will look something like
    this one as shown in the picture:

3. Suppose you want to hide drive D then type "select volume 3" (without quotes). Then a message will appear in same window {Volume 3 is the selected volume}

4. Now type "remove letter D" (without quotes). Now a message will come
{DiskPart successfully removed the drive letter or mount point}

5. All done. Sometime it requires rebooting or just sing out the computer.

Your Data is now safe from unauthorized users. To access the content of hidden Drive repeat the process mentioned above. But in 4th step replace "remove" by "assign". It means type "assign letter D" in 4th step to unhide drive D.                     



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