Saturday, 26 October 2013

Install Linux On USB Key Using Virtual Machine | Tutorial

In this tuorial i will explain you how to Install whole Linux distro on USB key step by step using virtualbox alternatively you can use any virtualization software , i’ll using ubuntu as linux distro in this guide ..
Linux ISO : Download Ubuntu
requirements : 8 GB USB drive ( 16 recommended )
Virtualbox : download virtualbox
virtualbox extensions :

setup :
  •  format usb drive 
  • connect usb drive to vm when installing 
Steps :
  1. open virtualbox 
  2. create new virtual machine ‘
  3. choose OS type is Linux and give it a name 
  4. click on setting and click USB from left sidebar 
  5. attach your usb 
  6. now start your virtual machine and choose install Ubuntu 
  7. click on clean install and choose USB drive !important 
  8. wait until it finish installing 
  9. after installation test your Installation using mobalive USB 
  10. now your full featured Ubuntu desktop is installed on USB and ready to use 
  11. enjoy and don’t forget to like us


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